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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carina ₱ 4,136,398 Floor Area - 72 sqm / Lot Area - 94 sqm
Carmela ₱ 4,121,176 Floor Area - 65 sqm / Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina ₱ 4,562,732 Floor Area - 83 sqm / Lot Area - 99 sqm
Emerald ₱ 6,224,114 Floor Area - 143 sqm / Lot Area - 132 sqm
Fatima ₱ 5,782,095 Floor Area - 110 sqm / Lot Area - 121 sqm
Gavina ₱ 7,165,041 Floor Area - 166 sqm / Lot Area - 143 sqm
Mara ₱ 3,153,608 Floor Area - 53 sqm / Lot Area - 88 sqm
Marga ₱ 2,755,684 Floor Area - 46 sqm / Lot Area - 63 sqm
Ruby ₱ 7,128,348 Floor Area - 179 sqm / Lot Area - 150 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1 :
No Down, No Interest (2 years to pay)
Option 2 :
Bank Financing
15% Downpayment, 85% Bank Financing

As Legazpi City’s economic prospects are at its highest, expect the excitement of living in a CAMELLA Legazpi Homes to soar as well. As people adjust their lifestyles to the emerging trends of the city, you can be sure that living in a CAMELLA community lets you experience this fully well.

With modern-themed and meticulously planned communities, living in quality and affordable homes cannot be more timely as now when CAMELLA Legazpi has launched their different home models. Clearly, a work-life balanced lifestyle is what you deserve all along.

With a home in a place not too far from where you go to school, work or do business along with life’s other conveniences is made possible now by having your own dream home at CAMELLA Legazpi. This could be the most important and wisest decision you can make in your lifetime. It is a judicious investment, too. Your hard-earned money will certainly be put to good use. It is worth the value of your savings or earnings. There’s no doubt that your love ones will approve this decision and will be too excited to move in your new home.

There are choices of home models to choose from that will fit your needs and budget. This community is complete with facilities and amenities to satisfy all your after-work and weekend activities. Isn’t it a great way to be able to enjoy life’s conveniences right in your own neighborhood?

Affordable payment schemes are available to help out couples starting anew and for those starting their families. As you begin to to grow your own families - so your needs also grow. CAMELLA Legazpi has the biggest home models for you – spacious enough to fit in all your love ones. Everyone will be comfortable in your homes with provisions for more bedrooms and service areas. With your budget – there’s a model that will fit what you want, what you need and what you can afford.

Tourists go to Bicol for their culture, nature and environment. At CAMELLA Legazpi, you will experience everything like this. Nature abounds as you wake up to the lovely sight of Mount Mayon. Enjoy the green landscapes while breathing clean, unpolluted air. Walk or jog along the landscaped gardens and tree-lined roads. You will experience the beauty of life right here in this neighborhood.

Life is short and beautiful. It is meant to be lived to the fullest. As they say – “Enjoy life!” Having a beautiful home amidst an equally beautiful setting is a welcome opportunity that CAMELLA Legazpi presents to you. With an iconic famed sight such as Mayon Volcano as a backdrop - that’s surely a bonus that you can’t ignore. 


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