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Camella Legazpi is located at Brgy. Puro, Legazpi City.

CAMELLA Legazpi is located in Brgy. 59 Puro, Legazpi City. This address is the biggest thing to watch out for. With all the beautiful landscapes and comforts within reach, it is like having twin blessings all the days of your lives.

CAMELLA Legazpi is suitably located in Brgy.59, Puro, Legazpi City in Albay. Legazpi is considered the most populous city in the province of Albay and in the entire Bicol region.

The location is so strategic that whatever you need and want to make your comfortable and convenient are all within reach. You will have easy access to the business and commercial centers, schools, places of worship, hospitals and transportation hubs. Isn’t that great?

For your children – several good schools are nearby. They can go to these following schools: Bicol University, St. Agnes Academy, Divine Word College, AMA Computer University and Forbes College. For specialized cases – they also have Bicol Eye Center and Diabetes Athritis Wellness Center for you to go, just in case you or your family members will need to consult.

For your medical and emergency needs, there are a number of hospitals to go which is just a short distance away, namely: Legazpi City Hospital, Albay Doctors’ Hospital, Aquinas University Hospital and Tanchuling Hospital.

The shopaholics will be happy to learn that Legazpi City is a shoppers’ haven with a number of good malls around such as: LCC Mall, Gaisano Mall, Embarcadero de Legazpi, Ayala Mall Legazpi and Pacific Mall. 

Restaurants :

  • Zoes Kitchen - 1.09 km
  • Ates Eatery - 1.52 km
  • JDs Point - 1.66 km
  • Pares Queen - 1.70 km
  • Red Cheese Pizza - 1.72 km

Malls :

  • MYS Pawnshop - 1.69 km
  • Albay Tattoo - 1.71 km
  • DM Rich Tyres - 1.71 km
  • Bicol Eye Center - 1.72 km
  • Oro Memorial Homes - 1.74 km

Schools :

  • Puro Elementary School - 0.95 km
  • Buraguis Elementary School - 0.97 km
  • Reyes Computer Oriented School - 1.52 km
  • Sts Peter Paul - 1.72 km
  • Cabangan Elementary School - 1.75 km

Hospitals :

  • Legazpi Physical Therapy Center - 1.70 km
  • Skin Care Plus - 1.71 km
  • Nuat Thai - 1.72 km
  • Diabetes Arthritis Wellness Center - 1.75 km
  • Tanchuling Hospital - 1.83 km
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