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This Carribean-themed community will welcome you with a majestic entrance gate, very much like when you land at the Legazpi Airport for the first time and what will surely make you gasp in awe is is its famous landscape – the Mount Mayon. The gated entrance with its high walls has 24/7 security – roving guards who ensure that homeowners will have peaceful sleep at nights. For CAMELLA Legazpi – safety and security are of utmost importance.

The natural landscapes and tree-lined roads will brighten up your moods as you continue to pass by this community. A wide-open area full of greeneries is the setting of your future dream home.

What are the other amenities you will love? There’s a Clubhouse where families can meet and bond for special and memorable occasions and milestones, be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and even baptismal or baby shower parties. Celebrating it in style at the clubhouse is surely one of the best moments you will have in your lives.

Health is also something that we should all care for. As you and your love ones get busy with all your routine activities during the days, going for walking, running or jogging in the mornings or even early evenings surely will help keep you fit and in shape. No need for gym memberships outside. Here at CAMELLA Legazpi, there are jogging trails which you and family members can make use of. Jogging will never be the same again. Catch-up with your love ones and neighbors and make this a bonding activity. Indeed, all you want is a “work-life balance” lifestyle and you can have this right here in your neighborhood.

During summer, families and neighbors can set up a barbeque grill and have some picnic lunches in the landscaped parks. Or just lounging and chilling around this area is simply relaxing. A perfect setting where you can see landscaped gardens all around you as well as playgrounds and parks. The kids will be happily doing their thing among the open spaces and children’s playground. The parents need not worry about keeping up with their kids’ fun, as this is all happening within the community. Definitely, no need to go outside for some fun and bonding. Hanging out with your love ones right within your doorsteps is so real and convenient. What a happy place!

Neighbors and groups of families can have their own swimming parties right in their neighborhood’s swimming pool. You really don’t have to wait for summer – a weekend day of swimming fun is also an option. Let your kids swim to their hearts’ content and have a good time of fun in the water. Or better yet, swim with your love ones and create special memories. It’s all a part of being a homeowner in this neighborhood. Nothing more can be as fun and special as this is!

For the sporty ones, there are playing courts around like a basketball court and a tennis court. Form your own teams or do one-on-ones. Invite friends and relatives over for some games. As you do your basketball and tennis games – you become more energetic and you build-up your stamina. As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Flex and stretch those muscles and have fun in the sports all the way. You need not go far – a basketball or a tennis court is waiting right here for you at CAMELLA Legazpi.

As you can see, these superb amenities and facilities will give you the healthy and vibrant lifestyles you deserve. Not to mention the happy, lasting relationships it will create for you and your love ones. Make it all happen here at CAMELLA Legazpi. 

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  • Playground
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